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Browser Library

Robot Framework Browser library powered by Playwright. Moving browser automation to year 2021!

Aiming for 🚀 speed, ✅ reliability and 🔬 visibility.

See keyword documentation and web page for more details.

Installation instructions

Only Python 3.7 or newer is supported.

  1. Install node.js e.g. from
  2. Update pip pip install -U pip to ensure latest version is used
  3. Install robotframework-browser from the commandline: pip install robotframework-browser
  4. Install the node dependencies: run rfbrowser init in your shell
  • if rfbrowser is not found, try python -m Browser.entry init

Don't forget to install node.js
The LTS version is recommended.

You can check your node.js version with node --version and your npm version with npm --version.

$ node --version
$ npm --version
$ pip install robotframework-browser

$ rfbrowser init
Installing playwright...
Installing playwright-chromium...
Installing playwright-firefox...
Installing playwright-webkit...

See examples for ToDo App, MFA Login and Vehice Insurance.