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Non-Python Libraries


Create a dynamic system library (crate_type = "cdylib") from the following source code.


use std::collections::HashMap;

use pyo3::prelude::*;

fn sum_as_string(a: i32, b: i32) -> PyResult<String> {
Ok((a + b).to_string())

fn join_strings(a: Vec<String>) -> PyResult<String> {

fn sum_values(a: HashMap<String, i32>) -> PyResult<i32> {
let mut values_sum = 0;
for (_key, value) in &a {
values_sum += value;

fn RustyLibrary(_py: Python, m: &PyModule) -> PyResult<()> {
m.add_function(wrap_pyfunction!(sum_as_string, m)?)?;
m.add_function(wrap_pyfunction!(join_strings, m)?)?;
m.add_function(wrap_pyfunction!(sum_values, m)?)?;

The library can then be used as follows.

*** Settings ***
Library RustyLibrary

*** Test Cases ***
Integer Argument Conversion Test
${x} = Sum As String ${5} ${20}
Should Be Equal ${x} 25

List Argument Conversion Test
@{MY_LIST} = Create List spam eggs

${y} = Join Strings ${MY_LIST}
Should Be Equal ${y} spam,eggs

Dictionary Argument Conversion Test
&{MY_DICT} = Create Dictionary spam ${11} eggs ${22}

${z} = Sum Values ${MY_DICT}
Should Be Equal ${z} ${33}

A complete working example that includes all build files (e.g. Cargo.toml) can be found on GitHub / mneiferbag / robot-python-test-library.