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About RF Guides

Who we are

We are a group of Robot Framework users who like to share their good practices and knowledge. The rich Robot Framework ecosystem - with its tools and libraries - is as important to us as the Robot Framework Core itself.

So a lot of our guides will also focus on the ecosystem. We want to show you what tools and practices might help you on your Robot Framework journey. Help you to be successful - and also to have more fun.

We hope that people will find this guide useful and that it will help them to write better tests and create better test automation solutions.

Why we do this

When I started using Robot Framework, I was always impressed with the documentation and the examples. The User Guide and the Keyword Documentation were very helpful and always open in by browser while working.

When I discovered the Slack Channel, I got another productivity boost. My questions there were answered quicker than by any professional support of any tool I've ever used.

But there was also another thing I noticed:
Some of the question were repeating.

  • "Which IDE shall I used?"
  • "What extensions do I need?"
  • "Can I debug with Robot Framework?"
  • "How to integrate Robot Framework with Test Management Tool XYZ?"
  • "How to run Robot Framework in a CI system?"
  • ...

Often, the answers were provided. But a Slack channel is not helpful for storing information or searching for it. So we needed a different platform to conserve that information - allowing other users to find that information easily.
That's when Robot Framework Guides was born.

How we do this

We want to be sure, our guides are helpful to a lot of people.
But as people learn differently, we did not want to focus on one specific method or medium.

So you will find

  • some written guides
  • combined with links to existing videos
  • maybe some embedded code examples
  • links to recipes of the Robot Framework Cookbook
  • whatever else comes to our mind