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Vehicle Insurance App

Technology: Web Application

Insurance Calculator

Download the example from here.

*** Settings ***
Library Browser

*** Variables ***
${BROWSER} chromium
${HEADLESS} false

*** Test Cases ***
Create Quote for Car
Open Insurance Application
Enter Vehicle Data for Automobile
Enter Insurant Data
Enter Product Data
Select Price Option
Send Quote
End Test

*** Keywords ***
Open Insurance Application
New Browser browser=${BROWSER} headless=${HEADLESS}
New Context locale=en-GB
New Page

Enter Vehicle Data for Automobile
Click div.main-navigation >> "Automobile"
Select Options By id=make text Audi
Fill Text id=engineperformance 110
Fill Text id=dateofmanufacture 06/12/1980
Select Options By id=numberofseats text 5
Select Options By id=fuel text Petrol
Fill Text id=listprice 30000
Fill Text id=licenseplatenumber DMK1234
Fill Text id=annualmileage 10000
Click section[style="display: block;"] >> text=Next »

Enter Insurant Data
[Arguments] ${firstname}=Max ${lastname}=Mustermann
Fill Text id=firstname Max
Fill Text id=lastname Mustermann
Fill Text id=birthdate 01/31/1980
Check Checkbox *css=label >> id=gendermale
Fill Text id=streetaddress Test Street
Select Options By id=country text Germany
Fill Text id=zipcode 40123
Fill Text id=city Essen
Select Options By id=occupation text Employee
Click text=Cliff Diving
Click section[style="display: block;"] >> text=Next »

Enter Product Data
Fill Text id=startdate 06/01/2023
Select Options By id=insurancesum text 7.000.000,00
Select Options By id=meritrating text Bonus 1
Select Options By id=damageinsurance text No Coverage
Check Checkbox *css=label >> id=EuroProtection
Select Options By id=courtesycar text Yes
Click section[style="display: block;"] >> text=Next »

Select Price Option
[Arguments] ${price_option}=Silver
Click *css=label >> css=[value=${price_option}]
Click section[style="display: block;"] >> text=Next »

Send Quote
Fill Text "E-Mail" >> .. >> input
Fill Text "Phone" >> .. >> input 0049201123456
Fill Text "Username" >> .. >> input max.mustermann
Fill Text "Password" >> .. >> input SecretPassword123!
Fill Text "Confirm Password" >> .. >> input SecretPassword123!
Fill Text "Comments" >> .. >> textarea Some comments
${promise}= Promise To Wait For Response matcher= timeout=10
Click "« Send »"
${body}= Wait For ${promise}
Log ${body}[status]
Log ${body}[body]
Wait For Elements State "Sending e-mail success!"
Click "OK"

End Test
Close Context
Close Browser